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Chief Conservator, Thomas Portue' has worked in museum conservation labs in New York, Texas and California. Academic training includes graduate and postgraduate work with Sheldon and Caroline Keck at the Cooperstown trainng lab, New York State University, Oneonta, N.Y.

Conservation Associate, Nicole Portue' holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and has undergone hands on training in art conservation since 1998.



-Bachelor of Arts Degree, San Francisco State University, 2015

-Ongoing study of art in both cultural and historical contexts.

-Rincon Annex Post Office Murals, San Francisco



-Masters Degree and Certificate of Advanced Study, New York State University, Oneonta, NY, 1979

-Bachelor of Arts Degree, San Francisco State University, 1973

-Associate of Arts Degree, San Francisco City College, 1970

-Certified Minority Owned Business, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

Institutional Work Experience in Art Conservation:

-San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1978-1979

-Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, 1979

-State Capitol Art Collection, Albany, NY 1978

-New York State Park and Recreation Department Center for Care and Collections, Peebles Island, Waterford ,NY 1977

-John Jay House, Katona, NY 1977

-Olana, Home of Fredric Church, Kinsgston, NY 1977

Teaching Experience:

-San Francisco State University beginning in 1981

-Intern and Volunteer Mentoring: Ongoing, 1978-present

Related Experience:

-U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1983

FBI Special Agent with Perspective of Art Theft and Art Forgery

As conservators we take pride in restoring and preserving artifacts which hold tremendous value to our clients, from personal in-home treasures to large scale public works of art.

Our understanding of material science is combined with a profound respect and appreciation for the artifacts' integrity and intention of design. As long standing members of the American Institute for Conservation, we adhere to the strict rules of reversibility and archival stability in the materials we use to achieve our goals. We strive to save and preserve all that remains of the original artifact while simultaneously bringing back to life the original appearance and character of each piece.

We enjoy and value the privilege of serving our clients through the preservation and restoration of fine and historical art.